Regulatory Requirements & Compliance

Who is required to file a quarterly affidavit?

All surplus lines agents who have transacted business.

Per F.S. 626.931, all surplus lines agents that have transacted business during a calendar quarter shall on or before the 45th day following the calendar quarter file with FSLSO an affidavit, on forms prescribed and furnished by FSLSO. The affidavit must state that all surplus lines business transacted by the agent during such calendar quarter has been submitted to FSLSO as required.

The quarterly affidavit can be submitted electronically via the Reports tab in SLIP. 

Agents who fail to file an affidavit when due, may be subject to a fine by DFS up to $50 per day for each day the neglect continues, beginning the day after the affidavit was due until the date it was received by FSLSO.


1st Quarter January 1 – March 31
Filing Deadline May 15

2nd Quarter April 1 – June 30
Filing Deadline August 14

3rd Quarter July 1 – September 30
Filing Deadline November 14

4th Quarter October 1 – December 31
Filing Deadline February 14
How often do I renew my self-appointment?
Surplus lines self-appointments must be renewed every two years by the end of the agent's birth month. It is the responsibility of the surplus lines agent to make sure the self-appointment is renewed. Transacting surplus lines business without being properly licensed and appointed is prohibited. To renew your self-appointment, visit the Department of Financial Services' MyProfile web portal
What should I do if my business address changes?
FSLSO should be informed within 30 days after a change of principal business or street address, mailing address, or email address so that all necessary reports and correspondence are appropriately directed. All information may be updated through SLIP
Should I notify FSLSO if I leave my agency?
If you are leaving an agency with active surplus lines files, you must transfer the files to a new broker of record. You will remain responsible for those files until a new agent assumes them. A Transfer of Business Form is available here. You must also update your agency information in SLIP
How do I terminate my surplus lines license?
To voluntarily terminate/surrender your license, please log in to your Florida Department of Financial Services MyProfile account. You will need to terminate your appointments first; then, you may surrender your license(s).
Alternatively, you may send a letter to the Bureau of Licensing stating that you wish to surrender your license. Please include the following:
  • Name
  • Florida License ID Number
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Enclose your Florida insurance license ID or a statement indicating that you do not have the ID
  • Signature of the licensee
The letter can be emailed to the Department at or mailed to:

Florida Department of Financial Services
Division of Agent and Agency Services
Bureau of Licensing
200 East Gaines St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0319
Email for more information. 
I am a Florida licensed agent. Is my agency required to be licensed as well?
Yes. Florida Statute requires entities engaging in any activity or employing individuals to engage in any activity which by law may be performed only by a licensed insurance agent, to hold an agency license. NOTE: An insurance agency that is owned and operated by a single licensed agent conducting business in his or her individual name and not employing or otherwise using the services of or appointing other licensees is exempt from the agency licensing requirement.
Where can I find a list of eligible surplus lines insurers?
To view the surplus lines companies that are eligible to do business in Florida, please visit our Eligible Insurers page.
What information is required on the face page of a policy? Is the face page required for endorsements?
Florida law (F.S 626.922 and 626.924) mandates specific information be included on a surplus lines contract. FSLSO provides a Sample Face Page that contains all the required information.

The face page is required for new and renewal policies but not endorsements or cancellations as long as the necessary financial information (premium, tax, fees, and applicable assessments) is disclosed.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions about regulatory requirements and compliance?
If you have additional questions about regulatory requirements and compliance, please contact Agent Services at 800-562-4496, option 1 or email