Public Records Request

Public Records Act

FSLSO is subject to Florida's Public Records ActF.S. 119, to the extent required by law.

Public Records Contact

Any public records requests to FSLSO, as well as any questions regarding such requests, should be directed to: 
Georgie Barrett
Deputy Director of Operations
Florida Surplus Lines Service Office
1441 Maclay Commerce Drive, Ste. 200
Tallahassee, Florida 32312

Written Requests

Public records requests do not have to be submitted in writing, but providing FSLSO with a written public records request will help ensure that it understands what records are being requested.

Public Information Exemptions

State law exempts certain types of records, or portions of records, from disclosure under the Public Records Act.

Records maintained by FSLSO, but that are exempt from production under the Public Records Act, include records furnished to FSLSO or to the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS), or records subject to examination by DFS, that would reveal information specific to a particular policy or policyholder, per F.S.626.921(8).

Depending on the nature of the request, additional exemptions or other exemptions may apply. Before any records are produced in response to a public records request, FSLSO will remove or redact any exempt information.

Public Records Response

FSLSO will respond to public records requests within a reasonable period of time as required by law. If producing the responsive public records will require the extensive use of information technology resources or clerical and/or supervisory assistance, FSLSO will assess a special service charge based on its actual costs.

An estimate of any special service charge will be provided to the requester in writing and the requester will need to state in writing its agreement to pay the special service charge before FSLSO will process the request. FSLSO also reserves the right to ask for a deposit toward any special service charge before processing a public records request. If copies of public records are requested, FSLSO will charge $0.15 for each single sided page copied, and $0.20 for each double sided page copied. Charges for all other types of copies will be the actual charge for duplication.

All authorized charges will be collected from the requestor before copies of the responsive documents will be provided to the requester.