Schema Validation

Validating XML Files Against a Schema

There are many applications available to validate XML files against a schema. If you don't already have one available, a freeware version called XML Notepad is available from Microsoft. An alternate web-based method is available at
Note: Please do not use these applications to edit your XML files, as it inserts a Byte Order Mark (BOM) which is incompatible with .NET web services.
 Using XML Notepad to validate your files:

  1. Save the schema locally.
  2. Save the appropriate schema(s) (.xsd files) to your PC.
  3. Download and install XML Notepad.

Validate an XML File Against a Schema:

  1. Start XML Notepad
  2. Click File Open. Navigate to the file you would like to check for validity, then click Open.

Associating a Schema with the XML File:

  1. Click View Schemas.
  2. If the schema you want to validate against is not in the list, click the '...' button (any grid row) and navigate to the downloaded schema (.xsd file).
  3. Ensure that the schema you are validating against is the only one unchecked in the Disabled column. Click Ok.
  4. Any validation error will now show in the Error List item at the bottom of the screen.