Insurer Filing Information

Are surplus lines insurers required to file a No Business Report?

Yes. A No Business Report is required in lieu of quarterly or annual policy information for eligible surplus lines insurers not doing business in Florida and must be submitted through SLIP (Surplus Lines Information Portal).

Foreign insurers must submit the No Business Report quarterly within 90 days of the end of the quarter. Alien insurers need to file annually, by June 30, for the previous calendar year.

My batch file has been rejected and the error message indicates “duplicate transaction”. What does this mean?
“Duplicate Transaction” means our system has already received a transaction with the same policy number, effective date, and premium amount. If you receive this error, remove the transaction(s) from the batch and resubmit.
My batch file has been rejected and the error message indicates “invalid brokerage” or “invalid broker”.

This error means the brokerage/agency license number used is not a valid licensed surplus lines agency. In most cases, the error occurs because a brokerage number was inserted in a broker section, or a broker number was inserted in a brokerage section.

Please review the policy for a Florida licensed surplus lines agent and cross-reference with our valid Florida agent listing. If you cannot locate the agent’s license, then please review the valid agency listing.
Why did I receive an email from the FSLSO for a premium filing deficiency? I filed more premium than the email represents.

The batch file displays the total amount for all premium submitted in the batch. If your premium is greater than the amount shown on the discrepancy notice, then some of the reported premium did not have an effective date in the reporting period. 

The email you received from the FSLSO compares the insurer’s premium effective dates within the reporting period to agent and IPC filers’ premium within the same reporting period.